Checks discount service in Ashdod ( transferring checks to cash )

Commercial Check discounting services:

In today’s business world, cash flow is the most important ingredient for proper activity of any business. Without cash management, the business might go into a crisis so check discounting services allows the business owner to convert the check into cash at his disposal and to better control his cash flow. Change Shalom Company cashes the check minus commission, and the business owner will receive the money for the check in cash and thanks to that the business owner will be able to better control his cash flow.

When is the service worth for commercial use?

Every business has ongoing obligations such as payment of suppliers, salaries, equipment purchase and so on. When the business owner is interested in converting his check to money through a bank, there is a requirement of the bank to wait three days until he could give the check owner cash for the check. In this situation, the business owner will be able to contact us and get cash for the check immediately.

Note: The business owner is required to present an invoice for the transaction that was carried out for the check. This way the check can be legally verified, and the check owner could receive all the money.

Check discounting service for an individual with a pay slip:

This service is not only given to business but to individuals as well. In case that you work in an organized place and you get a monthly pay slip, but because of your personal reasons you’re not interested to deposit the check in your bank account, Change Shalom Company will fully redeem the worth of your pay sleep, with a legal commission and after that you will be able to get all your money right away.

A check owner that is interested in a check discount by us is allowed to do so only if he shows us a pay slip and an I.D so we could identify the person is the pay slip owner.

When should you transfer the check for cash?

There are people who need cash immediately; these people cannot wait a long period of time for funds to appear in their bank account, and then to access the bank to withdraw the amount deposited by check. Instead, they can immediately get cash.

Also, if you have any restriction with the banks and you cannot deposit the check or conversely you do not have a bank account, you will receive the monetary value specified on the check immediately through Change Shalom.

Interested in check discounting services for private people or commercial use? Contact Change Shalom now, and we will be happy to assist you!