Change Shalom is located on Rogozin 5 Ashdod.

Change Shalom is active from Sunday – Thursday 09:00 – 19:00 Friday from 8:30 to 14:00

Change Shalom Company provide a number of major services such as currency exchange, remittances abroad, transferring cash anywhere in the country, transactions of all types of foreign exchange, issuing prepaid credit cards and a range of solutions for payments and transfers at any time and under the most favorable possible available to get on the market.

The most beneficial place to Purchase foreign currency are change points, they are free of foreign exchange purchase fees,  and possess the cheapest exchange rates and the best deals compared to the banks and the postal bank. In Change Shalom you will receive the best deals on foreign currency exchange rates also in Change Shalom you may use credit card payments.

Online foreign currency is purchasing through the site, Change Shalom Company is committed to foreign exchange specified in the same moment of the gate-order until 20:00 the same business day. For example: If your foreign currency order was performed at 10:00 we commit ourselves to foreign currency exchange until 20:00 the same business day.

Yes, a Change Shalom is recognized by the currency service data recorded in the Ministry of Finance and complies with all regulations required by law.

Company Change Shalom uses Banknote counting machines, the machines know how to count the notes and to check if the notes are real. In addition to the purchase of foreign currency, the customer receives an invoice with a description of the bills serial numbers, so the purchase is safe and meets the most stringent standards set by the Bank of Israel.