Buying foreign currency

Annual holiday, an organized tour or just a brief foray abroad must always be organized to the last detail.
Select the destination, the cost of flights, accommodation in expensive hotels or simple and effective time course distribution of cultural places, and local entertainment are only part of the list of tasks you need to do to enjoy properly.

Another important detail that is not always taken into account is the money.
Setting a budget for every part of the trip is nice, however, the purchase of the local currency to suit the target usually carried out without a basic test that can save you quite a bit of money. Today, the purchase of FX (foreign exchange) is performed in several different ways:

Bank – the usual destination for converting / foreign currency purchases most people are going to by default because “that’s the safest place.” However what most people do not know is the fact they are paying fees unjustifiably expensive than usual. For every purchase action added + Official fees and conversion fees, both together are taking a lot of money from the customer pocket, and therefore makes the banks a very expensive option.

Postal Bank – an option more convenient than banks but the exchange rate there are higher than usual, and fees are not the cheapest and most comfortable you can find in the market.

CHANGE is the most convenient and affordable option much more than the two options mentioned above.

Please note that the regulatory procedures (inspection and enforcement of government) insist much more on the conversion of foreign currency services providers (Change) than the banks and the Postal Authority so as to ensure fair trade, legal and regulated. With us, you will pay the most convenient the fee; you will also get a fair advice which explains to you exactly where and when it is worth to convert the local currency to the desired currency. Also, in Change Shalom all the bills are checked and counted using automated instruments that Identify each bill and a bill according to the serial number by the Bank of Israel so that you get certain illegal and counterfeit money. We believe in personal service accessibility and patient, so you will feel confident with foreign currency purchases you make with us, and you will know how to handle every situation you have, in Israel and abroad.