Cash transfer in Israel

One of the most important requirements is the use of cash. Therefore immediate money transfer service in the country is one of the most necessary and popular actions in the field.
Usually, people transfer money through the bank, but what do those who do not have a bank account or cannot use a bank account for various reasons do?

Introducing out cash transfer service:

An effective advance service that allows any person with an I.D or a passport to move money in the country from anyplace and anytime.

The advantages in such service are that you don’t need any bank account and that every citizen can get or send cash in a few minutes, by identifying yourself and giving details on where you want to send your money. This service is very popular, because it is so easy to transfer money without the need to carry bureaucratic and debilitating requests as banks require, such as account number, signature, identification, waiting to a service representative in a call center, etc., allowing many to escape problems they had encountered such as loss of a wallet, extracting a friend or family member stranded in a remote location, and so forth.

The money can be withdrawn from one our 300 GMT branches that are located across the country, after giving the transition details. Click here for our office list.

You can transfer up to 10,000 NIS and commission rates are 1 to 2700 NIS NIS> NIS 24 fee.

1 NIS to 2,500 NIS> NIS 18 commission, NIS 2,700 to NIS 10,000 a commission of 0.7% of the total transfer amount.

In case you would decide to transfer your money into a specific bank account you would need to wait between 1-2 business days, depending on the transition hour on the same day.

That means that if you decided to transfer the money before 12 P.M or after (This hours count for the beginning of a business day, and the end of it according to law.

This service is available across the country, within our company that works together with GMT, which is effective regarding price and time.