Transferring money abroad

Transfer money abroad is a common and essential economic engagement between people who are at different points around the world that need to regulate financial transactions between them for any purpose. Whether it is payment for goods or money transfer to a family member it is important to know the advantages and disadvantages and of course how to do it correctly, effectively, and wisely.

Our company offers money transfer services abroad by an additional GMT company, a company that was established in 2001 and operates in Israel and the United States. Through this company, millions of customers enjoy worldwide money transfer services to any destination, with convenient and cheap rates.

Transferring money abroad is a delicate issue, as it handles transferring money from one place to another; therefore we make sure the money is transferred legally, fast and cheap. That’s why we keep working under a GMT company that is related to industrial banks in Israel and abroad, which ensures deadlines, absolute professionalism, personal attention and of course privacy. One common problem in transferring money unprofessionally is tracking the money transfer destination and ensuring its arrival to the place of destination.

As part of our money transfer services, we know at any given time the location of the money you requested to transfer, and of course, we will update and confirm that the money reached its destination safely and on time stipulated.


GMT is a company specializing in money transfers and is a recognized financial institution that is licensed by the Bank of Israel and the money laundering prevention authority. Also, the company has an American license from the state of New York to provide money transfer services. Therefore, you can feel safe your money can be transferred to every destination of your choice in the most legal, professional and supervised way available in the market today.

Transfer of funds to vendors/importers abroad

Companies, self-employed individuals, and importers that deals on a daily basis with payments and money transfers abroad to suppliers and companies that transport merchandise.
Our company offers a money transfer service and favorable terms with attractive rates that will alleviate your business and save you unnecessary waste of time and money with low market rates and warm service.

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